Wednesday, October 6, 2010

you asked... I'll fill you in on how I made the leaf letter wreath.
Remember this wreath? Well, if you made one of these, you quickly realized that after about 2 months, it was no longer green. That didn't seem to bother me too much because for some reason I left it hanging on our door until just recently. Yikes! It was time for a change. I really wanted a fall-ish wreath, but couldn't find any that I really liked so I thought I would make my own. I almost threw the 's' away, but luckily I didn't. I went to Michael's and bought 3 packs of assorted leaves and brown grosgrain ribbon and of course I already had the letter from Hobby Lobby. I still had some moss on my letter wreath. I took some of it off, but kept most of the moss as a base since it was nice and brown:). I then hot glued the leaves on top of the moss. The first layer of leaves looked a little strange, but I just continued to layer them until the entire letter was covered. I hung the wreath exactly the same way I did it here. You should try it. It added a nice pop of color to our door! Welcome Fall!

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