Monday, May 10, 2010

letter wreath

As promised, here is how you make the letter wreath. This was not my idea, but I found out about it over at 'a pretty cool life' and thought it was a great idea.

What you need:
letter from Hobby Lobby (they were half off when I got mine)
1 bag of moss (at Hobby Lobby)
glue gun and glue sticks
Take your letter and begin hot gluing pieces of the moss on the letter. I believe over at 'a pretty cool life' she painted her letter green first so the gold wouldn't show through. I didn't even do that and I didn't see any gold coming through.
It's up to you though!
Once your letter is covered in the moss, then it is time to add the ribbon. I took the ribbon and hot glued the tip to the back of the letter and then wrapped the ribbon around the top of the letter twice. I then hot glued the ribbon to the very top of our door (let it dry before you shut the door).

If you have a nail in your door, then you can tie a bow and hang your letter on the nail like we did with my sister's wreath.

It's a fun little project. Enjoy!


  1. i love this! so easy and what a great look. i'll definitely be making some of these! thanks, amber. :)

  2. CUTE!!! had fun with you this weekend! -LB