Wednesday, April 22, 2015

11 months

11 months. How can this be?!? Your biggest milestone this month was walking with the walker. You get so very excited when walking. You can stand up on your own without holding on to anything. I expect you will be walking on your own very soon. We are planning a small family fiesta to celebrate his first birthday that is quickly approaching! 

What Graham has been up to:
-Loving bath time
-You laugh at your sister when she is being silly
-You have been teething terribly over the past month – many sleepless nights for mama and      dada (8 teeth total)
-You can say mama, dada, jaja (Georgia)
-You know how to wave
-You continue to love books, playing the piano, vanilla puffs, scrambled eggs, bananas and cheerios
-You enjoy being outside riding your little orange car
-You weigh around 23 pounds

Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 months

Happy 10 months Graham. How is this even possible?!? You are the sweetest baby. Your biggest milestone this month has been pulling up on everything. I have a feeling you will be walking so soon.  We love you buddy boy!

22 lbs
6 teeth

What Graham has been up to:
- Saying dada, gaga
- Cutting lots of teeth - by the end of this month, I think you will have 8 total
-Not a great eater, but your favorite seems to be squash and apples
-You love being read to and you love to flip thru books
-Your little monkey is your favorite toy (not sure what we will do if we ever lose it:)
-Pulling and standing up 
-Bye Bye jumper, you are only interested in crawling and standing up on your own now
-You moved from your first home
-Still so smiley

Thursday, March 5, 2015

disney 2015

We went to Disney last weekend, but just for the weekend. The plan was to stay until Tuesday, but poor sweet Georgia got the yucky stomach bug. We went into Magic Kingdom for about 5 hours and then the bug set in.  Later that evening I had to take her to the ER (very nice hospital though). She was on IV fluids for several hours. We decided to head home the next day. We figured she wouldn't be up for any park fun for at least two days. We will have a Disney redo some time in the next year or two! We are so thankful it was just a stomach bug though.  

Here are the few pictures that we took. 

The whole family is now recovering from the stomach bug. See you real soon Disney!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

9 months

Graham turned 9 months old on Valentine's Day. He looks quite dapper in his red bow tie! Graham's biggest milestones over the past month have been really crawling and saying dada (just babbling though, I'm sure he was thinking mama:) 

Graham stats:

What he has been up to:
-Learned to really crawl
-Loves to pull hair especially mommy's and sister's
-Rolling all around. Mama has to pin you down to get you dressed sometimes.
-Loves banana puffs
-Gets so excited when I turn the vacuum on 
-Babbling and saying dada
-When I say 'give me high five' you raise your hand to meet mine
-Teething like crazy. Your top two teeth are just about all the way down now (4 teeth total)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 months

Graham is now 8 months old and growing like a weed.  The biggest milestones this month were learning to sit up by himself and army crawling. Things are getting ready to get busy around here. Happy 8 months Graham Carter!

What Graham has been up to:
- Enjoying books (looking, listening and of course chewing them)
- Sitting up to play
- Pulling mommy's hair and sometimes sister's
- Eating most fruits and vegetables although you are not too fond of peas
- Sleeping thru the night most nights
- Giggling at your sister Georgia
- Teething, but still only two teeth
- Loving bath time
- You had a great first Christmas and New Years

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

favorite five

I know everyone has already moved on to organizing and spring, but I'm still thinking about and enjoying my Christmas gifts. I wanted to share my top five favorite gifts from 2014 with you in case you have some Christmas money to spend and need ideas of what to spend it on:)

I was in desperate need of a new winter coat. Mine was about 9 years old and needed to be retired. This Kate coat from Boden caught my eye. I have already worn this coat so much. It is perfect for any occasion. 

I have enjoyed my bkr water bottle. I have been on the hunt for a water bottle with a small opening that I won't spill all over myself when I'm drinking it and one that fits in my cup holder. I love that it is glass too. 

My sister and I both gifted one another with Erin Gates' Elements of Style book. We both have really enjoyed reading it. It's the perfect addition to any coffee table. 

Hunter boots are everywhere these days, right? I am late to jump on to this trend, but I have already made good use out of these boots. We have had some cold and wet days in NC recently and these are perfect. My mom gave me a pair of the Hunter cable knit socks which will be perfect for the winter months ahead. 

Last, but not least, for the past few years, I have received Kiehl's Creme de Corps body butter. It is AMAZING. 

What about you? Any favorite gifts?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas morning

Christmas morning was nothing short of spectacular. We celebrate the birth of Jesus and Santa Claus at our house. May Graham and Georgia always know and understand the greatest gift that was ever given on Christmas which was God sending his son to earth to save us. 

Santa Claus did visit our house and the kid's faces were priceless. Georgia was so very excited to see what Santa brought. 

Graham had a wonderful first Christmas. He was all smiles and enjoyed playing with his new toys too.