Monday, December 4, 2017

colonial christmas home

Our halls are decked and now the race begins to get everything accomplished before Dec. 24. One of my favorite things to do this time of year, when I need a break from all the craziness, is to drive around and look at everyone's Christmas decorations. I look forward to all of the Christmas home decor magazines too. This colonial home in Charleston, SC,  featured in Southern Living, is a show stopper. I'm sure it is even prettier in person. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

the table


So many have already rushed right to Christmas, but I still love Thanksgiving and what it represents. We have been singing The Table at church recently and I just love the words to this song.  What a perfect song to reflect on the upcoming holiday. 

Come all you weary
Come and find
His yoke is easy
His burden light
He is able, He will restore
At the table of the Lord

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

my cup runneth over

I have so much to be grateful for. We all do.  But sometimes it is easy to lose sight of this, especially when our main focus is on following the lives of others rather than concentrating on the life that God has given us to live.  Social media drives so much of this. I have never really taken an extended break from Facebook or Instagram, but have wanted to remove it from my phone for some time.  I got home from work on Friday and Paul had purchased new phones for us. I do not get too excited about new phones, but I did see this as a perfect time to remove Facebook and Instagram from my phone. I truly see so many benefits for both of these social media platforms, but I also see the dangers. Addicted sounds harsh, but I would have to say, sadly, I felt addicted to Instagram. The only way for me to find a happy medium with it, is to remove it for a while and then slowly reintroduce it to myself.  November is a perfect month to reflect on our many blessings. I really enjoy getting to see and experience the happy moments in my friends, family and others lives, but I am excited to take a month to focus on all the joys I have in my own life.

I hope your November and Thanksgiving are filled with joy, peace and full hearts (and tummies too:)! 

My cup runneth over. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

forcing fall

It is still 80 degrees here in North Carolina, but we are still forcing fall around here! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

soft and beautiful

Here is a soft and beautiful home for you to view. The whole portfolio is lovely. This particular home has my favorite color scheme - lots of blues and greens. 

Happy Weekend! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

pizza party baby shower

I know what you are thinking, who serves pizza at a baby shower? Pizza has really grown up over the years though. I love a traditional baby shower for that first baby, but when you want to shower someone who is on baby number 2, 3, 4, etc... and most likely has most of the 'big' items, it is nice to have a more laid-back, smaller shower. 

My friend Amanda is expecting her 3rd baby in a few weeks and our circle of girlfriends wanted to get together to celebrate our mama friend and her baby girl. We all have children so our Saturdays and Sundays are filled with soccer games, birthday parties and other commitments so we decided to have a Friday night baby shower. I must say, it was so nice and relaxing. I was hosting, so I tried to think of something a little bit different and pizza just kept popping up in my head so I decided to go with it. I told all of the guests that it would be a build-your-own pizza party. I supplied all of the dough, sauce and toppings. I think the guests had a fun time making their own pizza. The only tricky part was timing because I could not have all the pizzas in the oven at the same time so I made two pizzas before the guests arrived so we could start eating some pizza and salad while the others were in the oven. The two pizzas I made were a pesto, artichoke and spinach pizza and a prosciutto, pear and arugula pizza. They both were delicious. 

I squeezed all 11 ladies in my dining room.  I knew it would be close quarters, but there is something so special about sitting around a candlelit table together, so we made it work. I decorated the table with small white pumpkins along with greenery and flowers that I picked up at the grocery store. I arranged the flowers in our moscow mule mugs and tumblers.  I thought it was a nice, subtle fall centerpiece for a baby shower. 

I was not good about taking many pictures, but below gives you just a little taste of the lovely evening we had! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

mesh cabinets

I love the idea of breaking up the heaviness of cabinets with open shelves or glass doors, but I really like the look of these mesh cabinets.  For me, I feel like it provides a lighter and more airy feel while still being modern. This is definitely a design idea that I plan to file away and possibly incorporate in my own kitchen one day. 

all via Pinterest 

On a completely different note, I am certainly keeping all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey and those in the path of Irma in my thoughts and prayers!