Tuesday, September 2, 2014

glimpse into our summer

Labor Day always kicks off fall in my mind. I was not good about taking pictures with my 'real' camera this summer. Hopefully I'll be better throughout the fall.  I had hoped to do a Tweetsie Railroad post, and a beach trip post, and document all the other fun things we did this summer, but time just slipped away. Here is a little glimpse into what we did this summer. Cheers to fall! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

3 months

Well hello 3 month old smiley Graham. You are growing so fast. We love you dearly, especially your big sister who reminds anyone that watches you not to 'drop you on the floor'. I promise this has never happened! You continue to be the sweetest baby boy!

What Graham has been up to:
-Weighing in around 12 lbs. 
- Sleeping 5-7 hours straight most nights
-Loving the activity mat and laughing at yourself in the mirror
-The swing is your favorite
-Loving bath time
-You continue to despise the car seat - hopefully this will change:)
-You can almost turn over from your back. It won't be long now. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

georgia's frozen party

We, along with every other parent of a little girl, threw a Frozen birthday party this year. This was Georgia's one request for the past several months and honestly we were excited and happy to oblige. 

It was a very simple Frozen party filled with snow cones, Frozen character coloring sheets, fruit loop necklace making and a snowball toss - which turned into throwing:)! We even had a visit from Queen Elsa who dusted the little girl's cheeks with glitter and painted their nails. What a fun celebration it was!

Before I discarded the #3 balloon, I decided to take a few pictures of Georgia with it. I just love images of kids with balloons. These turned out pretty great and make for a special way to remember her age. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

we blinked

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Georgia. The past year was filled with lots of growth and change for Georgia which she handled so well. She had many new experiences and really blossomed into a little girl. She is smart (maybe too smart), energetic, full of life, loving, independent, adventurous and fearless.

We blinked and she turned 3! 

First day of preschool. 

First trip to Disney World.

Found out she was going to be a big sister. 

Saw her first movie in the theatre. Frozen, of course.

Said goodbye to her beloved paci. 

Potty trained...calls for a fiesta. 

Loves to dance in her "bootiful dresses"

Loves to cook, especially when she can "qwack the eggs".

Enjoyed her first big snow. 

Loves to swing. 

First trip to Riverbanks Zoo. 

First pedicure. 

Became a big sister. 

Beautiful baby, beautiful child
Gentle and maybe just a little bit wild
When I see your face, I know that its true
No one anyplace, is as beautiful as you
Beautiful as you, baby...you bring to my life miracles untold.