Sunday, September 14, 2014

4 months

Somehow you are already 4 months old, Graham.  A major milestone you hit this month was rolling over. You can roll from your back to your tummy. You are quite the talker - jib jabbering away! The giggles you give us are just precious. We love you chubby baby. Happy 4 months!

What Graham has been up to:
-Rolling from back to tummy
-Talking up a storm
-Giggling at mommy, daddy and Georgia
-Loving the bumbo chair
-Loving story time (Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a favorite)
-Loving mommy riding in the backseat :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

school and dance

School is now in session. Georgia just started PK3 and she was so excited to 'move up'. I look forward to all the many things she will learn this year.  She also just started dance this week. Tuesday morning she woke up and ran in our bedroom screaming "I'm so excited! I have dance today"! Her school offers dance class which works great with our  work schedules. She is taking tap and ballet. When I picked her up from school she talked non-stop about her dance class. What a fun year it is going to be!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

glimpse into our summer

Labor Day always kicks off fall in my mind. I was not good about taking pictures with my 'real' camera this summer. Hopefully I'll be better throughout the fall.  I had hoped to do a Tweetsie Railroad post, and a beach trip post, and document all the other fun things we did this summer, but time just slipped away. Here is a little glimpse into what we did this summer. Cheers to fall!