Sunday, October 31, 2010

creekbend haunted trail

Happy Halloween blog friends! I'm blogging on Halloween evening because Paul is busy studying tonight for yet another certification for work so I figured this was the best time to tell you about our weekend halloween festivities. As I mentioned several posts ago, my aunt and uncle put on a haunted trail every year and my immediate family is invited to participate in it. It is a blast. Lots of work goes into making it happen, but again it is just so much fun. It's not just a little rinky dinky trail either. It's legit! Paul, who was Dracula, jumped off of a 20ft building and my dad, who was Jack Sparrow, hung from a cage that was fastened up in a tree. There was also a car crash, explosions, and oh, I can't forget, a life size Ghostbusters Stay Puft Man (about 15ft tall:) Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the trail at night because I was a vampire slayer in one of the scenes, but I did manage to take a few pictures while we were still setting everything up.

Here's the building Paul jumped off of.

This is where my parents' scene took place. Dad was Jack Sparrow and my mom played the gypsy woman. They were fantastic!

Not only is there a 20 minute haunted trail ride, there is also a bonfire with plenty of food and drinks. Every detail was thought of...

...even an outhouse.

There were two trailers that ran during the show. Here is one of them. Isn't it great?!?! I think about 170 people came through the trail last night.

Here are a few photos that I think you might enjoy...

Ashley and Leighton (butterfly and Snow White)

Mom and Dad (Gypsy Woman and Jack Sparrow). I love that my parents never do anything half way. They always go all-out to make it the best that it possibly can be. Don't they look so real?!?

Paul (Dracula)

We had such a great night with friends and family! I hope you and yours had a spooky weekend full of fun!


  1. love it all! esp. the trailer! I finally have a new blog up and running!

  2. LOVE the pictures--love your blog!