Sunday, November 22, 2009

a little birdie told me...

that Leighton had a birthday party! I'm a very proud auntie and I love my niece dearly. We celebrated her birthday just a few days early and it was a wonderful first birthday party.

My sister, mom, and I began decorating and cooking Friday night. I must say, we (mainly my mom) made some scrumptious dishes (homemade pesto, baked brie, etc..). Ashley and I stayed up until 11:00 making four batches of this...
while Leighton read magazines (Southern Living - she knows the good ones:) in bed with Grammy and Grandaddy.

Saturday morning came quickly. I was in charge of making the punch. It was citrus-cinnamon punch. I'll share the recipe with you tomorrow. It was easy and quick. Thank goodness.

My sister had the most beautiful and tasty birthday cake made for the party. It was almond flavored and to die for!
Don't worry, she got Leighton a little cupcake to eat.

And boy did Leighton love that cupcake. These pictures say it all.

Watching Leighton open presents was so much fun. She gets really excited about everything. I loved watching her face. She got some great gifts. Some new toys,
some classics,
and some sentimental gifts.
The most sentimental gift was a poem written by grandaddy (my dad) and illustrated by Leighton's poppy. It was just beautiful. Below you see my dad reading it aloud for everyone. I'll share it with you soon.

The party turned out well and everyone enjoyed spending time with sweet, little Leighton.

I know that Leighton probably won't remember this day, but maybe one day when she gets a little older, she will look at these pictures and realize just how much she is loved. She has brought great joy to my life and I look forward to continue watching her grow. Happy Birthday Leighton Capri!

Auntie Am and Uncle Paul

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