Sunday, July 21, 2013

happy 2nd

Happy 2nd Birthday Georgia. Your second year has been full of many memories and even more laughter and fun. You are the sweetest little girl who never wants any baby to be without his or her paci or mommy, you always want to kiss everyone's boo boos and make them better, you love to dance and sing, read books, play the piano, color, blow bubbles, play with your babies and change their diapers, wear mommy and daddy's shoes, swim, play in the bathtub, snuggle in the morning and blow kisses. You have taught me a lot about patience and focusing on what's really important in life - not everything has to be perfect and it won't be. Your smile and giggles melt my heart. I love you more than you know. We have many fun adventures ahead of us! 

Georgia phrases:
'Hold you me' - will you hold me
'No want some' - I don't want any
'Want some' - I want some
'Sicle' - popsicle
'my ipad' - play game on ipad
'Go park' - I want to go to the park
'Thank you welcome' - Thank you - she takes care of the 'your welcome' for you
'Chocolate milk' - I want chocolate milk
'Sit down here' - play with me
'I show you' - I want to show you something
'Nakey' - I'm naked (by I'm, I mean she is:)

In My Arms by Corrinne May

You are all I’ve dreamed of
Everything I’ve longed for
Little babe, so beautiful
Cradled in my arms

My heart was made to love you
My voice, a song to soothe you
I will be your warm cocoon
You’re safe within my arms

Sleepy stars are blinking
So close your eyes my darling
We’ll play again in the morning
till then, rest in my arms

You close your eyes in slumber
My world slows down to a whisper
Nothing else could matter
When you are in my arms

For now just let me linger
Your hand wrapped round my finger
My heart is filled with wonder
Your world within my arms

Every passing hour
You blossom like a flower
A few short years
to hold you tight
every moment God provides

Someday you’ll be a mother
And cradle your own daughter
Perhaps then you’ll remember
When you were in my arms
I loved you in my arms

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