Saturday, July 27, 2013

georgia's new bed

We transitioned Georgia into a bed not too long ago and it has gone pretty well. She was a terrible crib sleeper. I probably didn't sleep train her like I should have, but an hour of solid screaming is the most I could handle so for 5-6 months she was in the bed with us every night (I know, don't judge please:). I really needed her out of our bed so we decided to go ahead and get her a big girl bed and thankfully she has done great. There have been a few nights where she has come to our room, but I walked her right back to her room and a few nights where I have squeezed in her bed, but for the most part it has gone well. It is a little strange when she walks in our room in the morning and says, ' mommy, downstairs now'. She loves her room and bed though. Luckily I was able to find bedding that matched the current grey and coral/pink in her room. I found the buffalo check bedding at Ikea.The only thing in her room I changed was the bedding. I'll add things along the way that are less 'baby' and more 'little girl Georgia', but for now I don't plan to change anything else. Here are a few pictures of her sweet little bed without the bed rail that is usually up. Please pretend that the sheets and bedskirt have been freshly ironed.

I was taking pictures and then someone spotted the flowers and had to check them out. 

...And one walked away.