Sunday, November 6, 2011


Happy Birthday to my Papa! He turned 87 today and is still sharp as ever. He still plays 9 holes of golf almost every day and has read more books then anyone I know. And did I mention that he's on Facebook? I hope I'm that cool when I'm 87.

This is the closest we got today of a picture with both great-granddaughters! So sweet.

I enjoyed family time today and extra time with Georgia. This is the first time I've had her in a headband. Paul thinks it looks like a sweatband. It sort of does, but she still looks cute:)

What a great day it was! Love you Papa!


  1. Oh appears I'm yelling and doing the heimlich maneuver. Sorry baby Georgia.

  2. amber you look beautiful!! i love that pic of georgia and her auntie :)