Tuesday, September 7, 2010

perfect weather weekend

Was the weather perfect or what this past weekend? We headed to the mountains for the holiday weekend and to celebrate my dad's birthday. Boy did we enjoy the cooler temperatures! We drank coffee and enjoyed the crisp, cool mornings.

We also made tents and played in them with Leighton which she loves. Leighton finally started calling me by my name over the weekend. For the longest time she would look at me and say 'unc paw', now she says 'amor' which makes me so happy!

Saturday morning we all woke up and hiked the 5 mile Boone Fort Trail. Yes, Leighton came with us. She was in her Deuter and did great. I think Daniel gained a few extra muscles from the long hike:) It was beautiful though.

While on the hike, Leighton decided to throw her 'pappy' (paci) into the river. It was humorous at first, but then we quickly realized that we had 3.5 miles left of the hike...

...so Grandaddy and Uncle Paul came to the rescue and fished out the paci.

Later that evening we took dad out for his birthday and celebrated our parent's anniversary (very belated).

We spent our lazy Sunday in the park downtown Blowing Rock. We had a picnic, shopped and played in the park. Uncle Paul enjoyed napping in the park, but Leighton wanted to wake him up to play some more.

Man do I love three day weekends!


  1. perfect in every way! love love love this post!

  2. every photo is my fave... but the last one takes the cake! i love this post too!!

  3. Ya'll are just the most precious family - the mountain photos make me so happy for fall!