Thursday, August 18, 2011

we couldn't have done it without you...

Time is just flying by. I can't believe Georgia will be a month old this weekend. SLOW down please! Parenthood is truly one of the hardest jobs I think, but definitely the most rewarding. I can't imagine our life without Georgia now. Paul and I have learned so much over these past four weeks. Here are just a few items that we couldn't have made it without.

The itzbeen is awesome. When you are so tired and your brain can't remember anything it's a great tool. All I have to do is push a button when I feed Georgia and change her diapers to keep up with the time in between.

We bought an ipod for Georgia's room and we have used it so much. It's loaded with lots of lullabies for our sweet pea. She seems to like the music or at least I do when I'm rocking her to sleep.

The Baby Boo Cradle Me blanket has been wonderful. It's basically a swaddle blanket with foam backing to support and protect the baby. I really like to hold Georgia in it when walking around the house. I'll also lay it beside me on the couch and she sleeps so soundly in it.

We use the moses basket every night. Love it so much!

And finally, thank you Eight O'clock Coffee. Paul and I couldn't have done it without you:)

Is there anything that you just couldn't have made it without those first few weeks? I'd love to know!


  1. I think I'm going to order one of the Itzbeens, you are the second mama that swears by it! I have been emailing with Alice from Needleworks. Once we decide on baby's name, I'm sending lots of stuff to get monogrammed and getting a sweet day gown too! Thanks for the info :)

  2. My list would include:
    *a video monitor so I can see her sleeping while I get other stuff done around the house.
    *BOB revolution (duallie for us moms of 2!)
    *Baby Bjorn/Ergo Baby
    *Nuk Pacifier
    *Bouncer/swing/mamaroo/nap nanny essentially, something to put her in while we eat or shower
    *Excessively huge hairbows. :)

    Georgia iS precious! CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. things we've used to the Nth degree: sound machine - ocean (cues her for sleep time vs. awake time. plus, we knock it up a notch if guests are over so we don't have to worry about being hush, hush), swaddle (first w/ hospital blankets then the halo blanket swaddle and now the miracle blanket! bouncer (for shower time also), and old fashioned pen and paper for jotting down funnies, schedules, etc :) happy 1 month georgia!