Friday, August 5, 2011

the past two weeks

The past two weeks have been filled with doctor visits, visits from friends and family, Ashley's birthday and our first stroll as a family. Here are just a few pictures. We have been overwhelmed by the support of our family and friends over the past two weeks. The meals, cards, visits and gifts are all very appreciated. We feel so blessed to have such an awesome support group.

Georgia did not like being weighed.

She loves her daddy.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Georgia meets her great-grandparents! Three generations of parents and their children all on one couch!

First stroll in the neighborhood - she loves it!


  1. I'm so happy for you, Amber! I know you're the best mama :) I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading more about Georgia! xoxo

  2. Ahh I can't believe I am just now seeing the birth story and baby updates! She is SO adorable! Hope you are doing great, Mama, and loving life with your new little girl!