Saturday, June 18, 2011


What a special bond dads and their daughters have. I know I have the greatest dad in the world and I love spending time with him. He is a talented musician and writer and I truly admire that about him. Thank you dad for all the sacrifices you made for our family, the love you always show and ALL the pink and girly things you have endured having two daughters and now two granddaughters:) You always keep our family laughing. You have also given me lots of good advice over the years. Some of which I will share now.

1. Being an adult isn't as fun as it looks is it?
2. You can't PLAN your life
3. Start every day with a smile....OR...all your babies will be born naked!

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!

I also want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my husband Paul. I knew this when I married you, but I know you are going to be the best daddy to our little girl.

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