Monday, June 27, 2011

the checklist

I'm a 'list' person and our hospital checklist has been made. My friend Jennifer is the list 'queen' so I used a combination of her list as well as the list below from Laybabylay. I found lots of great ideas for the nursery as well as this cute little checklist there too.

I'm 37 weeks and we are all set...well, as ready as we'll ever be! The car seat is installed, all clothes, etc... have been washed, the bassinet is set up and the bags are packed - mine that is. We are still working on Paul's;) The bassinet was our niece Leighton's and she is kindly letting us borrow it. How special!

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  1. Beautiful! I've used my same list for each of our three trips to the hospital and then made copies for Ava, Lilia and Pate's baby book. I still get excited to read over it and remember the anticipation (and nervousness!) I felt at the impending arrival! We are thrilled for you and Paul and can't wait to hear that your sweet girl is here!