Tuesday, May 17, 2011

whew! the curtains are up

Whew is right! The belly is growing daily it feels like and it's getting harder and harder to bend over. A couple nights ago I buckled down and finished the curtains because I knew if I waited any longer I probably wouldn't be able to. I must say, I love the Serena and Lily punch color, but it is a difficult pink to match. I searched several places for fabric. I found the polka dot fabric at Calico Corners and it matched perfectly. The price wasn't great though so I kept searching and struck gold at Tony's Fabrics. They sold the exact same fabric for half the price! I also got lucky with the white panels. The little pom poms matched perfectly and these panels were half price too! I really like how they turned out. The only part that I made was the pelmet box. I followed the same tutorial that I used here.

Paul caught me in action. He was probably laughing at my attempt to bend over too:)



  1. Amber ~ These are beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished room! And, pom pom fringe has become my favorite thing... I've sewn it own everything. But I've never seen it in this color... i LOVE it!

  2. Yayyy- looks so great! Loving the nursery updates

  3. It is beautiful! I cannot wait to see your cute belly :)!