Sunday, December 6, 2009

copy cat

I have wanted to put some curtains in my bathroom for a while now and I decided to go ahead and do it this weekend. I knew I wanted an ikat print, but I could not find a navy print any where. I finally found some at MaryJo's this weekend. I found this awesome tutorial and decided to copy it. I made it for only $15 (1 yard of fabric, foam board, batting, and duct tape - yes. i too duct taped the whole thing:). You'll need a staple gun too. Mine is not as cute as the one in the tutorial, but my print was so big. I needed every inch of space I could get. Try it and let me know how your's turns out!


  1. I LOVE it! The print you chose is FABULOUS! As soon as Lisa's fabric store opens in January, I'm going to make one of these for the girl's room!

  2. this looks amazing!!! i love that you picked a fabric with such a large repeat. it really stands out. so great!!

  3. love it! it looks awesome, amber!!