Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas books

Christmas is one of those holidays that brings me back to my childhood. I was so blessed to have parents that not only taught my sister and I the real meaning of Christmas, but they also created beautiful memories of the season for us too. One of my favorite memories is my dad reading Christmas stories to my sister and I before bedtime. Here are my favorites!
My dad gave me a copy of this book a couple years ago. Now Paul reads it to me on Christmas each year (cheesy, but so so sweet). This is my all time favorite.

Who doesn't love this one?

My dad reads this story every Christmas Eve. It's still one of my favorite traditions.

This book is sweet. I know my mom loves this one too.

What books do you remember reading at Christmastime?

All of these books can be purchased here

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  1. My Christmas wouldn't be complete without hearing your Dad read "How Come Christmas" to our whole family! I love that Ava Grace will be able to at least enjoy his animation this year, even if she doesn't fully comprehend the story yet! We can't wait for the 20th!!!