Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I jinxed myself

I should have never posted about feeling refreshed. I jinxed myself! Monday afternoon I started having the sniffles and a dry cough. By Tuesday, I was feeling worse so I stayed home, drank lots of hot tea, rested, tried to find something good on TV to watch (daytime TV is terrible by the way) and found nothing, so I played with my new smart phone and took the picture below with it. Yes, I have finally upgraded from my 7yr old Razr. Can I just tell you that I've only owned two cellphones EVER. I've never broken, lost, or had to replace one. Paul's exact words 'That's some ROI on a cellphone'. Anyway, I hope you steer clear of this nasty summer cold that seems to be going around. Hopefully I can shake this thing in the next couple of days. 'Til then...more fluids and rest.

1 comment:

  1. rest up! sure is going around... ashley and lane have a bug too :(