Sunday, June 13, 2010

lake day

We had yet another beautiful weather weekend in the Carolinas. A little on the humid side, but otherwise just lovely. We spent some time on the lake this weekend. I grew up playing on Lake Norman and our family stills does to this day. I love the beach, don't get me wrong, but there is something so great about the lake.
Leighton (my niece - just in case you're new around here) loves the lake too just like her mommy and me.

This is really funny. See the 80's-ish life jacket that Leighton has on? Well it's vintage! Both me and my sister wore that thing. I sort of wish I could find a picture of me and my sister in that life jacket just so I could show you. It still does the job.
We enjoyed eating fresh cherries...
and swimming in the water (the girls dangled their feet in the water and the boys and Leighton swam:)

I couldn't resist this picture. What a relaxing day on the lake! Now it's back to another work week.

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