Saturday, January 16, 2010

give a day, get a day

You have probably seen the commercials for Disney's 'give a day, get a day'. Our family is planning a trip to Disney World this spring, so we thought we would participate in it too. If you take a day to volunteer with one of the participating organizations, which you can find in your area by clicking here, then you get a one-day free pass to Disney World. This weekend was our weekend to volunteer and it was truly rewarding. My brother-in-law chose to help kids repair their bikes and me, Paul, and my sister helped with Project Yellow Ribbon. We made care packages for the soldiers and prepared them to be shipped out.

Thank you to the men and women that serve our country! We cannot thank you enough for all the sacrifices that you make.

After Project Yellow Ribbon, my sister and I wanted to walk in two antique stores that we spotted earlier that morning. I do like antique shopping, but I have to remind myself that sometimes you have to take the good in with the bad. When I say bad, I mean BAD! See for yourself.
Crushed red velvet lamps anyone?

Paul, on the other hand, does not like to antique shop. He was a good sport though, so Ashley and I decided that we better treat him to some Starbucks. Well, that was my weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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