Saturday, April 22, 2017

two weeks

We have been on the move the past two weeks and packed them full of fun. I hope to be better about blogging a few personal posts here and there. 

Paul and I attended a wedding of a friend of mine in Beaufort, SC. The wedding was gorgeous and we enjoyed seeing beautiful Beaufort. We hope to go back and spend more time there soon. 

We enjoyed breakfast at LowCountry Produce Market. I of course had to ask them what the shade of green paint was and they told me it is a Sherwin Williams paint that they created called LowCountry Produce. 

We came home and immediately went to a super fun Easter Egg Hunt. 

Field Day was that week too!

Graham's preschool Easter party. 

The next day, we left for Wilmington to enjoy a few days away during Georgia's Spring Break. We toured the Battleship, spent time at the beach and park and enjoyed eating outdoors. 

 Wrightsville Beach 

As with anything, all good things must come to an end. Graham ended up in the ER  for dehydration when we got home after battling a stomach bug. 

Easter Morning. No family Easter pics here since Graham was sick, but the Easter bunny did visit. 

I took off two days of work during Spring Break to spend some quality time with the kids. We visited the library, Billy Graham Library and the Schiele Museum. 

Happy 9 years to us. 

A rare of photo of us on our anniversary, courtesy of our 5 year old. 

Now it is back to getting in the groove for the remainder of the school year! Happy Weekend! 

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