Wednesday, March 1, 2017

window art

As I began thinking about this post about hanging art on a window, all I could think of was Lil Jon's 'To the Window, to the Wall'. I was either in high school or college when that song came out and it just makes me laugh. Hopefully, I took you down memory lane for a second!  Anyways, back to the good stuff. When we first moved into our house, one thing that I really loved and still love, are the three windows in the living room. Our couch backs up to the windows. I have contemplated several times hanging art on the windows. Last Christmas, I hung a wreath between each window and I really liked how it looked. It would definitely have to be the right print or painting, but I like how it adds some color above the couch. My main hesitation in doing this though, is the little feet that inevitably end up running and jumping on the couch. I fear for what might happen to the art. For now, I will keep this idea in my pocket and will bring it out some other time! The pictures below are my inspiration! 

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