Saturday, January 21, 2017

rooms to tackle in 2017

I made a list last year of rooms to tackle in 2016 and in many ways, I do feel like I did at least make progress in each of those rooms.  I am a list person. It keeps me focused,  so once again, I am creating a 'house goals' list this year. 

I plan to spend some time creating a sitting area in our playroom. Currently, the walls are lined with toys:) That is what a playroom is for though, right? I go back and forth on whether or not it makes sense to spend lots of effort on this room right now mainly because I would like to create a homework area in this room for when both kids are doing homework. Although I'm sure they will always end up doing their homework in the kitchen:). So for now, I am going to concentrate on making it look slightly more adult friendly. There is a great nook in the room just like the one pictured below and one day I would love for it to have a window seat!

Our playroom is not too big so whatever seating I decide on, it has to be small and functional. I like the idea of a daybed so it can double as a sleeping area for guests. That's exactly where all our guests want to stay....our playroom:). It does have it's own bathroom though. 

This project is already in the works. We are adding some functional storage to our closet. Currently, our master closet has just your regular builder-grade wire racks and we are running out of space. Paul mainly pushed for this project and I happily obliged! It will be installed in just a few weeks so I will keep you posted on whether or not it actually helps keep our closet clean! 

We did add new bedding to our master bedroom last year, but I am still on the hunt for some artwork, new lamps, and a dresser for Paul. I keep swooning over these curtains and I cannot get them out of my head for our room along with a pillow or two in this same Sarah Richardson fabric! 

Lastly, my main mission this year is to find and commit to two chairs in our living room. Our olive green/tan 8yr old chair has seen better days and it is time to let it go. I want something fairly neutral, but with a tad bit of color too. I just cannot pull the trigger on a solid chair or a neutral chair with a subtle pattern. The debate continues. I am up for suggestions/advice/thoughts here! Chairs are a big commitment and I want to make a purchase that we will like and enjoy for many years. 

Oh, my garage is always on the list.  One day it will actually see improvement:)

all pictures via Pinterest

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  1. For your chair selections... go completely neutral (no pattern or anything). Add color and pop with pillows.