Monday, February 4, 2013

thankful to see the horses

I think I've mentioned before that we live really close to a horse pasture. We can see them from out of our windows. That's probably one of my favorite things about our house - it's just so peaceful. Occasionally we'll walk down to feed them, but we talk about them daily with Georgia. Leighton, my niece, loves to see them when she comes over to the house. She asks about them every time she visits just as she did on Friday. All children love animals, but I think Leighton has a special connection with horses. Well, I know she does. You see, seven years ago today her grandmother Voneda met her Savior face to face. Voneda loved horses and her favorite horse, Lacey, is still living. Some beautiful pictures were taken of Leighton with Lacey here. Leighton never met her grandmother Voneda, but she sure shares her love of horses. Voneda has just been on my brain the last few days for some reason. I heard a version of Give Me Jesus by Jeremy Camp just yesterday and I remember hearing that song a ton the year Voneda passed away so every time I hear it I think of her. The words are simple, but powerful - "you can have all this world, but give me Jesus".  All the pain, suffering and yes pleasures of this world you can have because all I need is Jesus. That's what I think of when I see the horses and the pasture. I think of Voneda and am reminded that nothing in this world matters, but Jesus. So today, I'm thankful to see the horses and thankful for what I'm reminded of. 


  1. Amber, this is beautiful. I think of Voneda often, too, and I know she would be so proud of her children and grandchildren--this is a lovely tribute to her living legacy. Yes, give me Jesus!

  2. great post. horses and jesus and sweet grandmommies are quite invaluable treasures!!