Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy 11 months

Georgia is getting so big and growing up so fast...tear, tear! She reached some major milestones this month. She learned how to stand up on her own without holding anything and has taken some steps with her walker. We are so proud! Cheers to 11 months!

No more monthly photos mom, we're done! -ga

What Georgia has been up to:
- She is standing up and taking steps with her walker
- She enjoys taking all of the toys out of her toy basket and any bag for that matter
- She loves to wave at people
-She's an outside girl at heart - just loves it!
- She loves puppy dogs and gets so excited when she sees one
-She had a small taste of ice cream and popsicles just recently and loved them both
-She's been swimming in the pool and took her first boat ride
-She loves to watch Disney Juniors 'Small Potatoes' show - I think it is the English accent:)

Happy 11 months sweet baby!

*sorry for the blurry photos. something is wrong with my camera. hopefully it can be fixed before the big party!

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