Tuesday, May 15, 2012

not your typical lullaby contest

Ok. I have a confession. Remember yesterday when I told you I had 'Make You Sweat' on my current mixed CD? Here's why. For some reason one day when Georgia was unhappy, I started singing the chorus to this song - La la la la la Long La la la la la Long La la la la Long Long li long long long. She loved it and started smiling so big. Now I sing it to her all the time and of course make up my own lyrics to the verses. I do sing your typical lullabies to her, but this crazy song makes her happy. I would be completely embarrassed if she starts singing it in public one day when she gets older. This reminds me of that 'Friends' episode - the one with the inappropriate song:) 

Do you sing any 'not so typical lullabies'  to your children to make them smile? I would love to know what song it is! Leave your song in the comment section and Paul will choose his favorite. The winner will be announced on Friday - be sure to leave your first name and song.  The winner gets a FREE copy of my mixed CD:) 


  1. You are not the only one who sings crazy songs! When the boys were newborns and had their witching hours we would sing. The first song that came to me was ( brace yourself) I'm in love with a stripper! However , you had to sing it as a lullaby not a rap! Since they are getting older, we are keeping it more appropriate!

  2. bahaha, that was the first thing i thought of when i saw this... "i like big butts and i cannot lie" ohhhh mama, the things we do to get our little ones to smile, would surely keep the flies on the wall rolling :) love finding laughs about our daily things, right?!