Saturday, January 21, 2012

happy 6 months georgia!

I can't even believe I'm saying Happy 6 Months! Georgia is growing so fast. It makes me sort of sad, but also happy to see who she's growing into. What a sweet little person she is with a smile that melts our hearts. We have seen more changes from her over the past month. Happy 6 months Georgia Camryn! I'll get on with the pictures now because I'm sure that's all you want to see:) Here she is at 6 months old:

What Georgia has been up to:
-She's eating solids. She's becoming a better eater and has enjoyed carrots and sweet potatoes so far.
- She still rolls EVERYWHERE!
-She is almost ready to crawl we think! Time to start babyproofing!
- She still enjoys when we read to her.
-We love to watch her 'go to town' in her exersaucer.
-Sleeping is still an issue, but we are working on it. She only gets up once in the night, but cries out several times for her paci.
- Naps are 'hit or miss'. Some days she naps well and others she doesn't.
- She is a happy girl and loves to giggle.


  1. I love that last photo!! My sweet Georgia is six months....I can't believe it.