Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 weeks apart...

Me (18 weeks) and Ashley (12 weeks)

Well, I have more exciting news to share. Me and my sister are both expecting and we are exactly 6 weeks apart! How fun is that?!?! Leighton will become a big sister sometime around September 3rd. I can't wait to be an aunt again. Congrats Daniel and Ashley...and Leighton!

This is how Ashley told the cute!


  1. congrats again, auntie am! (my) ashley and i are 20 weeks apart... will be so fun to share this time with friends AND family, right?!

  2. Congratulations to you both!! That is going to be so fun being pregnant together! :) You have a beautiful family Amber, can't wait to see your little one! :)

  3. That is sooooo sweeeet!! I hope Dana and I have a baby around the same time!! ;) Tell Ashley congrats, as well!