Thursday, October 13, 2016

banquette dining

Since we added a piano to our dining room, I have been trying to decide how to reconfigure the room to be both a functional dining room and have a little piano corner.  The room is 12x14 which is a nice size. More and more, I am seeing the traditional dining room be used for multiple functions. While it would be nice to have a designated room (with doors;) for the piano, I also love the idea of using every inch of your home. While our kids are still young and want to hang out with us, I will enjoy the togetherness! The idea I have landed on is to incorporate a banquette bench in the dining room and push the bench against the wall so the table is no longer in the center of the room.  It will allow for more space around the piano corner. I have always loved bench seating and my inspiration for this project is below. More to come on this...

all via pinterest

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