Tuesday, August 30, 2016

teeny tiny mudroom

When we first moved into our house, I noticed this interesting cutout right by the garage door. I knew the space could be better utilized, but I wanted to live in the house a bit before deciding what to do with this little spot.  Our house is a perfect size for our family, but nothing crazy big so I am trying to add storage and make the most use of the space we have. Less house, more storage approach:) We began just piling our shoes and bags in the cutout and honestly, I was just tired of looking at it creep it's way into the kitchen. I told Paul what I wanted the space to do: hold bookbags, shelves for daily-used shoes (all boots and sports shoes stay in the garage), and two shelves for baskets to hold hats, gloves, flip flops, etc... I cannot sing my husband's praises enough. He did an amazing job on creating our teeny tiny mudroom. I am sorry for the terrible pictures. It is a very small space that gets no natural light and is in a hallway. Whew! Completed just in time for school! 

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