Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 months

Happy 10 months Graham. How is this even possible?!? You are the sweetest baby. Your biggest milestone this month has been pulling up on everything. I have a feeling you will be walking so soon.  We love you buddy boy!

22 lbs
6 teeth

What Graham has been up to:
- Saying dada, gaga
- Cutting lots of teeth - by the end of this month, I think you will have 8 total
-Not a great eater, but your favorite seems to be squash and apples
-You love being read to and you love to flip thru books
-Your little monkey is your favorite toy (not sure what we will do if we ever lose it:)
-Pulling and standing up 
-Bye Bye jumper, you are only interested in crawling and standing up on your own now
-You moved from your first home
-Still so smiley

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