Tuesday, December 16, 2014

7 months

You are 7 months old Graham! Over the past month you have really discovered your voice and talk (squawk:) up a storm! You celebrated your first Thanksgiving and have had fun participating in fun Christmas activities. You have enjoyed seeing all the Christmas lights. The biggest milestone this month was your first tooth. Another tooth just popped up the other day so now you have two bottom teeth.  What a sweet, smiley baby you are!

27.5 inches long
18lbs and 1 oz

What Graham has been up to:
Jumping and Jumping like crazy in your jumper
Teething. Your first tooth came immediately followed by a second. 
Rolling all over the floor
Chewing anything you can get your hands on
Laughing at your sister
Listening to mommy read 
Eating rice cereal, but you are not a fan of many foods
Most nights you sleep about 7-8 hours straight (that's a win in my book:)

We love you Graham Carter. 

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