Saturday, February 8, 2014

the past month

 I guess I've turned into a 'once a month' blogger. Nonetheless, I still like to try to document our lives in this little space. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks. 

Georgia loves to help me in the kitchen and I sure do love having a helper. I can tell that she is going to be a great big sis. 

We had our first snow of the season. It was more of a dusting, but we'll take it! 

There are some new horses in the pasture by our house so naturally we had to go over and welcome them to the neighborhood. We took carrots and they seemed to like them. Georgia was so excited to see horses again.  

Here's the bump at 25 weeks. I'm definitely showing much faster this time around. I think our little man is going to be big just like his sister. 

Just a few days after our snow, we had a nice warm afternoon so we decided to check out the newly opened trail near our house that is part of the network of trails called the Carolina Thread Trail.

Someone learned about the color blue this past month. 

I can't believe we are almost half way thru February! Time is flying and I feel very unprepared for baby #2. Hopefully we'll get started on the nursery soon. 

Happy Weekend to you! 

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