Saturday, September 7, 2013

diy projects to try

Are you tired of looking at the dead ferns from Georgia's preschool pictures yet? Ha! I know I am. I can't believe I didn't throw those things out or just avoided having them in the pictures. Oh well. We are all still adjusting to our new routine. I'm feeling a little tired and overwhelmed, but we will all eventually get the hang of it. 

With all that free time I have, I found some diy projects that I would like to attempt :) If we are honest with ourselves, we make time for the things we really want no matter how crazy our schedules are, right?

I love this bookcase desk. You can never have too much storage.

I am always drawn to stripes so I am loving these lamps. 

I like the look of these diy bean frames too.

This twill-taped lamp shade catches my attention too. I think it would be a nice addition to our laundry  room on a drum shade pendant. 

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  1. The idea of raffia brings back some memories of schooldays - never created anything as cool as the items featured here. Time for a Raffia Revival?