Sunday, May 12, 2013

letting go

Happy Mother's Day mom.  What a blessing you have been in my life. Almost two years into motherhood myself, I am realizing the sacrifices you had to make, the many tears shed, the abundance of laughter and love shared, the worrying oh the worrying, the sleepless nights, the numerous meals prepared, the trips and activities planned (and paid for:), the many prayers prayed, the frustrations, the smiles and giggles, the advice given, the never ending love and the letting go. These are all things that I know you did for me and for the most part are still doing. Quite possibly the hardest part of being a mom is the letting go part (letting your kids learn the hard way, go away to college, get married, watch them experience real pain and suffering).  It is essential though and a part of life. Ultimately, we are God's children and he has a plan for our life that not even a mother can control. For me, this is the hardest part. I am thankful for my mom for guiding, sharing in the joys of life, crying, hugging and praying through those 'letting go' times in my life. I have a wonderful role model to learn from as I'm learning to let go. 

Happy Mother's Mom. I love you. 


  1. So beautifully written! Not only are you a wonderful mom but i'm proud to call you my sister. love you

  2. that is a beautiful tribute, Amber! your daughter will one day praise you, too! until then, remember this: every gesture of love and sacrifice is making indelible marks on her little life.