Thursday, March 21, 2013

20 months

Happy 20 months Georgia. 

We can't believe Georgia is going to be TWO years old in four months. She is a ball of energy and just the sweetest little girl.

Here's what she's been up to:

-  She is learning her abc's and repeating them after her Dada. Our favorite letters to hear her say are 'h' 'l' and 'r'
- She is learning to count too. She has 1 and 2 down pat. 
- She loves her cousins Leighton and Bennett
- She continues to love the outdoors. Sometimes she stands at the back door looking out and sadly says 'side' 'side'. 
-She loves pickles and lemons and ice cream which she refers to as 'ceam'
- Bath time is her favorite
-She loves for us to read to her. She'll pick out a book and say 'wead' 'wead' and when the book is over she'll say 'aaagin' 'aaaagin'.  I love when she wants us to read!
- She continues to be the biggest Wiggles fan. 
- She loves the horses by our house and loves when we feed them carrots
-She loves baby dolls, cows and ducks
- She is around 24 pounds, 31 inches tall, wearing a size 5/6 shoe

We love you to the moon and back Georgia. Love, Mama and Dada

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