Friday, September 28, 2012

fall so far

We've had a great start to fall so far. The weather has been gorgeous and we've tried to spend as much time as we can outside. The 'cold' season has started in our house though. Both Georgia and I have had the sniffles, but that comes with the new season. 

Georgia is getting so big. I realized that I missed updates on her at 13 and 14 months so here is a quick update on what she's been up to:
- She can say mama, dada, ball, baby
-Paul and I play cheesy kid music in the car and she loves it. We love to listen to the 'itsy bitsy spider' and watch her make the spider hand motions
- She loves us brushing her teeth each night
-She absolutely LOVES Praise Baby, especially 'God of Wonders'
-She is into everything - cabinets, drawers, throws things in our tub
-Yogurt, string cheese, strawberries, any type of pasta, peas and bananas seem to be her favorites
-When we ask her what sound an elephant or owl makes she can make the exact sound - well close anyway:) It is so cute

Here are some recent pictures of what we've all been up to.

Playing in the park.

Little sick baby.

A visit with the Carolina Panther at work.

Georgia has been busy driving her car. 

Georgia has enjoyed watching her daddy play soccer. 

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