Saturday, October 15, 2011

ramblings on being back at work

WARNING - this post is full of ramblings!

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but I just love how peaceful 'G' looks when she sleeps.

Well, I survived my first few days back at work and Georgia did great too from what Grammy and Granny B told me. Yes, both of our mothers are watching Georgia and we feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity. It definitely made going back to work ten times easier than it would have been had I dropped her off with someone I didn't know. In the three days that I have been back at work I've realized several things. First off, my perspective on life, work, etc... has drastically changed. Things that used to seem SO important just don't seem that important anymore. Secondly, every minute of my day is now very precious. Every minute at work is precious because I want to make sure that I get everything accomplished so I can leave on time each day. More importantly, time is so precious at home. My time with Paul and Georgia is very limited now. I've always been pretty good at prioritizing and managing my time, but being a mom has made me even better at it. You are forced to be! Every moment I have with them is special. I try to set aside a few minutes for me even if that means waking up early while they are asleep. That seems to work best for me. Lastly, the radio seems so new to me. Seriously, I haven't listened to the radio in 3 months. When Georgia is in the car I either don't have the music on or it is so soft that I can't hear it. I'm sure this will change, but driving to and from work this week, I heard so many new songs. It felt like a treat! Love the new Maroon 5 song and I also found 'Pumped up Kicks' to be a catchy song, but clearly I'm out of touch. I thought this song was just about having fun running around in your 'kicks'. I never know the real words to songs. Oh me! I live in a bubble! By far, my favorite song that I heard this week was 'I Get to be the One' by JJ Heller. What a sweet song. Well, that's enough rambling for one afternoon. My sweet pea is getting ready to wake up from her nap so I'm going to sign off for now. Thanks for the prayers as I returned back to work. All went well!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Be sure to cheer on those Clemson Tigers tonight!

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  1. Been thinking about you a lot! Hope your adjusting well. And, this post cracks me up because I to fell in love with the catchy beat of "pumped up kicks" - never paid attention to the words...oops!