Thursday, March 24, 2011

blog award - 7 interesting facts

I was flattered when I saw this post by my friend Mandy. I really appreciate it. Her blog is fabulous too and you should check it out. She has the cutest twin boys you have EVER seen!

I sort of dread questions like these because I can never think of anything all that interesting about myself, but here it goes...7 interesting facts about me:

1. My parents are both musicians - My mom plays the piano and my dad plays the oboe. I was around music a lot as a child and I loved it. This leads right into the next fact about me.

2. I love to sing. I sing in the choir and praise team at my church and occasionally at weddings. I don't know that I've ever said that on the blog, but it truly is one of my favorite things to do.

3. Going right along with fact #2, when performing, I always memorize my lyrics, but Paul can tell you that if you ask me what the lyrics are to any song on the radio, I won't know them. I tend to make up my own lyrics:)

4. I secretly want to own my own stationary/card gift shop one day. I can already see the avocado green and white striped awning.

5. Paul and I met in high school and began dating our senior year so I guess you can call us high school sweethearts. I knew he would be my husband after only a few dates!

6. I am a clean freak. I like for everything to be neat, clean and in it's place. This OCDness has calmed down some since I've been pregnant, but I'm sure it will return.

7. I don't leave home without mascara on or at least it's rare if I do.

Okay, now I pass the award on to the following blogs:

Jennifer at Morrison Makings

Can't wait to hear from you girls! Love reading your blogs!

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  1. All very fun facts! I met my husband my senior year of HS too AND I totally wish I could sing :)